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About us is a platform that allows you to re-order consumables automatically without having to login to the website or lift a finger. You will order your products once and set a frequency when you would like the same product(s) delivered to your door step. No more wasting your Thursday night or weekends shopping for things you use on regular bases.

I developed this platform when I was out of printer paper for days as we did not have time to go and buy some. The wife is busy at home all day and I am at work, let alone that we forget that we need this product. With a platform like you will have the ability to order the products on any frequency required. customers also can cancel, or skip shipment at any time.

Our product range currently include Stationary and Office products, pet food, and bay products, we will be adding more products. We exist to make every person's life more enjoyable by doing things they like instead of things they have to. 

Consumables will also contribute to saving space in your home / office, you no longer have to stock up on things you use on regular bases, nor will have to run out of and hurry to the store to buy some, you will have your products delivered as frequently as anticipated.

We are located in Kingsgrove, Sydney completely Australian owned and operated. We have experience in running online businesses since 2003 when we first launched our very first online computer store.

we are contactable 9 am - 5:30 pm on 02 8081 2555 or you can contact us by email